Paul Yousef, M.S. CCC-SLP – Speech-Language Pathologist

Paul is a New Jersey State licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. He is the founder of Peak Pediatrics LLC and has over 10 years of experience evaluating and treating children with speech and language disorders. He graduated from Columbia University where he received a Master’s of Science in Speech and Language Pathology. He specializes in working with autistic children and provides speech and language services in several Montessori and private schools. He has also evaluated and treated children at several pediatric hospitals.

Having treated children in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools and home care, Paul delivers exceptional care while demonstrating a genuine sensitivity for all children he treats. Additionally, Paul provides crucial education to parents and caregivers to help children generalize learned skills to other environments. Paul is exceptionally knowledgeable about the stages of speech and language development and creates highly personalized therapy programs to yield lifelong improvements.